And so it begins...

And so it begins… I’ve never been a “dieter” but I’m carrying an extra 20 kgs at the moment and am the heaviest I’ve ever been, so today I commenced the 12-week Fast 800 programme. I selected this particular programme after completing a series of questionnaires. Essentially, it’s a calorie-restricted meal plan, complemented by exercise, mindfulness, and learning.

Generally, I’ve been feeling lethargic and a little bit anti-social, and while two clinical pilates classes per week keep some nagging issues in check they’re not enough to help me lose weight and get fitter. Enter Dr Michael Mosley and Fast 800.

Starting now, I hope to track my progress by keeping a regular diary in the form of this blog.

Today wasn’t so bad. It’s the first day, so I was kind of excited to kick it off.

My day started with a 6:30 am visit to my mesocosm at the university where I’m a research student, studying the effects of a warming environment on ants. Ironically, I had to take my ants’ food away to starve them for 24 hours before I recommence my experiment tomorrow morning after a fortnight hiatus.

At 7:30 am I was having blood drawn for a series of tests, which will become my “before” baseline so I can compare my stats at the end of the 12-week programme (because of course I discussed this with my local GP before starting). She was quite excited for me and measured my height (168 cm) and weight (88.6 kgs), took my blood pressure, and gave me the pathology referral.

At 8:30 am I was grocery shopping and by the time I got home, unpacked and put everything away it seemed a little late for breakfast, so lunch became brunch and I skipped the Blueberry & Almond Brekkie Quinoa and went straight to the Kale, Tomato & Poached Eggs, except I substituted baby spinach because I don’t do kale. (The Brekkie Quinoa has been moved to tomorrow morning, and I cooked the quinoa tonight in preparation.) The eggs kept me going for a few hours, but I did snack on some raw, whole almonds mid-afternoon. Incidentally, 20 almonds weigh about 30 grams.

Dinner tonight was Coriander & Coconut Baked Salmon, which was delicious but not enough. You see, my background is Italian so I’m used to not only great food but lots of it! A 150-gram piece of salmon was satisfying for the tastebuds but not my expansive stomach. I’m assured by the programme that, in time, my body will get used to this, although, in the meantime I can expect headaches while my body switches from burning sugar to burning fat. Apparently, water is the key to moving through this phase.

My activity today consisted of two sets of six different resistance exercises, each lasting 40 seconds with a 20-second break between: crunches (I use a clinical pilates method for these), push-ups (against a wall for now because I have very limited upper body strength), tricep dips, squats (using a fitness ball behind my back and rolling up and down a wall, if that makes sense), jumping jacks, and overhead shoulder press. And repeat. I also worked out, in preparation for my HIIT sessions, that my 180 bpm stride is 8.5 km/h on my treadmill at home, which is not very fast but I expect to improve as the weeks tick by.

Apple Watch Stats

  • Move 788/520 calories

  • Exercise 30/30 minutes

  • Stand 12/12 hours

  • Steps 10,441

Calories consumed = 814