"Have it with a tomato. It disguises the flavour."

“Have it with a tomato. It disguises the flavour” is what I said to my husband after he said he wanted to “punch spinach in the face”… We’ve eaten a lot of baby spinach in the past four days. Tonight’s dinner bombed: Roast Fish with Baby Spinach & Tomato. It was supposed to be mackerel but I couldn’t find any so went with ling instead. Perhaps this is where I went wrong — maybe I should have gone with salmon or tuna? The cherry tomatoes were from our garden and they were the only thing that I enjoyed.

Anyhoo, what’s done is done and if that meal features in our weekly menu plan again we will be replacing it.

This morning I skipped breakfast and opted for a mid-morning, locally grown apple instead, and I’ve never enjoyed an apple more. (I should clarify I’ve still be having a small latte at home each morning, but I gave up sugar in my coffee many moons ago.) Instead of sitting down to eat breakfast, I prepared our lunch: Szechuan Chicken Salad, which was tasty thanks in part to the sesame oil in the dressing. I ate at midday since I was pretty hungry and whilst I enjoyed the meal it was difficult because the people around me were eating all sorts of delicious-smelling food like burgers and hot chips with gravy and Chinese takeaway. There was chocolate to be had, too, but I remained strong and declined. I don’t think chocolate will be my undoing… it will likely be hot chips or fried rice or a bowl of pasta with my homemade sugo.

My husband and I are self-confessed “foodies”. We bonded over food and have been eating ever since. This 12-week programme is going to be very difficult for us as we avoid many of the Asian dishes we love to prepare and savour, such as chicken and prawn laksa with vermicelli and egg noodles, duck red curry soup with hokkien noodles, crispy pork belly salad, Chinese duck coleslaw; or the pub style meals we have perfected at home, such as surf ‘n’ turf with chips and salad, crumbed lamb cutlets with mash, peas and gravy; or my European favourites, such as moussaka, lasagne, and pasta.

It’s only Day 4. Sigh.

Yesterday I had another bowl of Blueberry & Almond Brekkie Quinoa and it’s going to take me a little longer to appreciate this combination, but it’s lightyears ahead of tonight’s dinner. Lunch was leftover Sweet Potato Soup with Lentils & Pancetta and it was just as tasty at the first time around and has secured itself a spot on our list of favourites so far. Dinner last night was Lemon & Coriander Chicken, which wasn’t too bad but again with the baby spinach… I think I’m going to mix it up a bit in the future with a range of salad greens rather than just one type of leafy green.

Baked Fish with Baby Spinach & Cherry Tomatoes

Baked Fish with Baby Spinach & Cherry Tomatoes

I’m giving myself a day off from exercising today as I have the inevitable headache and feel it getting worse rather than better. Yesterday I went to my regular Wednesday afternoon clinical pilates class, which I didn’t really have the energy for but dragged myself to anyway. I always feel better afterwards. My aim over the next few weeks is to shift some weight so I can start jogging again without the extra kilograms burdening my knees. I started to jog a couple of years ago before our wedding and enjoyed it despite how difficult it was in the beginning. I never quite cracked the 5 km in 30 minutes goal the app was coaching me towards, but I wasn’t far off it at the three-month mark. I know I can get there again, but this time I want to make it part of my everyday lifestyle, rather than just a means to an end. I’m also keen to start burning more calories so I can have the occasional treat, knowing that a 200 g steak will not tip the caloric deficiency scales.

Oh, last night when I got back from my pilates class I arrived home to find we had visitors (colleagues of my husband) and we sat outside talking for an hour or so and I was starving the whole time but declined the salty, flavour-filled crackers they had brought with them and that I love so much, as well as the bottle of sugary Agrum that was open. As trite as it sounds, I was proud of myself.

Apple Watch Stats for Wednesday

  • Move 643/520 calories

  • Exercise 49/30 minutes

  • Stand 14/12 hours

  • Steps 4,689

Calories consumed = 716

Apple Watch Stats for Thursday

  • Move 404/520 calories

  • Exercise 5/30 minutes

  • Stand 13/12 hours

  • Steps 5,127

Calories consumed = 755