I've lost 3 kg in the first week

I’ve lost 3 kg in the first week. It’s just the boost I needed after a trying few days.

My Thursday night headache turned into a Friday morning headache, and despite drinking lots of water and resting I couldn’t budge it, so I walked it off — for 90 minutes! It was just what I needed. I was pretty tired by the end, but after some stretches I felt great.

My iliotibial (IT) bands are quite tight. I didn’t even know I had IT bands until my exercise physiologist, Ellen, told me about these almost-impossible-to-stretch-by-myself muscles, so now I roll them on a foam roller as often as I’m motivated to, which isn’t very often. My right side is particularly problematic and often results in my patella not tracking properly, which causes pain in my knee when I do squats and other similar exercises. Lately, however, my left side has decided to join the party, so tonight I rolled both sides as well as my hamstrings and then my husband helped me stretch afterwards. I also have a hip issue that flares up occasionally. My physiotherapist, Jemma, identified the problem as a weak gluteus medius, and I have exercises to help strengthen this stabilising muscle. In past I’ve also suffered from torticollis (wry neck) and, again, I have neck strengthening exercises to prevent relapses, which seem to be working.

Sometimes it feels like I turned 40 and my body thought “OK, time to break down” and I’ve spent the last few months servicing it.

On the food side, in the last few days I’ve enjoyed sautéed Mushrooms with Garlic & Parsley from our garden, Garlic & Chilli Prawns with a garden salad, Mediterranean Mozzarella Chicken (YUM!), and Cottage Cheese with Sliced Apple & Cinnamon. Today I prepared some dished for the next couple of days: the rhubarb for Rhubarb Yoghurt and the Chicken & Quinoa Salad for lunches on Monday and Tuesday.

Apple Watch Stats for Friday

  • Move 1,1014/529 calories

  • Exercise 90/30 minutes (tripled!)

  • Stand 14/12 hours

  • Steps 14,724

Calories consumed = 786

Apple Watch Stats for Saturday

  • Move 535/520 calories

  • Exercise 4/30 minutes

  • Stand 13/12 hours

  • Steps 8,488

Calories consumed = 775

Apple Watch Stats for Sunday

  • Move 412/520

  • Exercise 0/30 minutes

  • Stand 13/12 hours

  • Steps 7,397

Calories consumed = 819